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Walk Sit Stay offers a flexible daily or occasional dog walking service that is tailored to the needs of our clients. We also offer a variety of pet care services: Cat sitting, small pet sitting, puppy and older dog visits. Walk Sit Stay are based in and cover the South Manchester area.
When you get in touch with Walk Sit Stay we will arrange a first meeting with you and your dog. There's no obligation at all and Walk Sit Stay doesn't charge for this first visit. We like to get to know you and understand your walking and care requirements fully. The breed, age, energy levels and temperament of your dog are all important factors that help Walk Sit Stay recommend the right walks and type of care.
Our services include morning, lunchtime and evening walks for dogs, home visits for older dogs, puppies and cats.

We also care and look after small pets: Chipmunks, Chinchilla’s, caged birds, Fish, Gerbils, Guinea pigs, Hamsters, Mice, Rats, Rabbits and Reptiles…. If your pet is not on the list or you have something more exotic please contact Lisa at Walk Sit Stay as we love to help if we can.
Walk Sit Stay can also provide walks for dogs who need one to one care. We can work on training and behaviour issues. However, this can be subjected to an additional charge for this service which is provided outside of the lunchtime hours.

Walk Sit Stay offer a real alternative to kennelling your pets when you have to go away on holiday or with work commitments. We can look after your pets in the comfort of their own home. Maybe you have an older dog or a puppy, or perhaps you own a cat for which a stay in a boarding kennels or cattery is a confusing and stressful affair. Having them stay in their own home surrounded by familiar smells and sounds your pets will soon get use to being fed and fussed by Lisa in your absence. Eliminating any anxiety and up set that can be caused by putting your pets in a boarding kennels. This can also be cost effective if you own several different pets as they will all be looked after in the one place.

It is difficult for owners who are frequently away or regularly at work to keep asking their friends and neighbours to help with the feeding and care of their pets.
Help is at hand........ a home visit by Walk Sit Stay can provide your pets with a daily or twice daily feeding and fuss that will enable them to stay in the comfort of their own home without resorting to catteries or kennels or the help of friends and neighbours.
If you are planning to be away this year, or you have regular work commitments, talk to Walk Sit Stay and we will be delighted to help if we can.

***Fully Insured***

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Thank you to Sue at www.suewestwood-ruttledge.co.uk for providing me with some lovely pictures of her pets. I regularly look after Sue's pets when she is working or on holiday.