Dog Walking

There are many different reasons why you may need Walk Sit Stay to walk your dog, dogs can be very demanding and time consuming. Dogs like companionship and benefit from regular stimulation through walks and play. However no matter how much we love and care for our best friends we still need to go to work or attend to other commitments. Some times as a result dogs can become bored and frustrated. The usual tell tale signs are chewing house hold items (usually never their own toys!), barking excessively or increasingly becoming mischievous. By giving your dog a daily satisfying walk, it will help keep the mischief to a minimum.

There are also personal reasons you may need Walk Sit Stay to walk your dog, perhaps you are going out for the day and need to leave your dog behind. Or are recovering from illness, need to work longer hours but what ever the reason Walk Sit Stay will be happy to help you and your canine if we can.

Walk Sit Stay offers a flexible, daily or occasional dog walking service that is tailored to the needs of our clients. Every dog has their own cheeky character and personality which makes them all individual. When you get in touch with Walk Sit Stay we will arrange a first meeting with you and your dog. This meeting is free of charge. When we first meet we like to get to know you and understand your dogs exercise requirements and favourite places to be walked. We will ask questions regarding behaviour, daily routine, obedience and how sociable your dog is. After this we will be able to discuss when and where you would like us to walk your dog.

Once all arrangements have been made, as agreed your dogs walker will come to your house and take your dog for their walk. After the length of time arranged your dog will be returned to your house tired and happy. All four paws will be wiped cleaned, their tummy too and fresh water given. There will also be a postcard waiting for you upon your return to inform you of your dogs’ walk and any important details.

If you feel your dog would benefit from a walk with a Walk Sit Stay handler then please get in touch.

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Thank you to Sue at for providing me with some lovely pictures of her pets. I regularly look after Sue's pets when she is working or on holiday.