Dairyhouse Farm Dressage Times

Dairy House Dressage

 Dairy House Farm, Dairy House Lane, off Sinderland Rd, Altrincham, WA14 5RE
(Dairy House Farm is a private livery yard.  Please respect property and privacy)

Welcome to Dairy House Dressage.

Our aim is to create a professional yet friendly environment that encourages riders to participate in the discipline of Dressage. Dressage Rules apply,although we are flexible regarding tack and assistance in the Intro class.

Dressage events are organised by a small team of individuals and supported by those taking part. Everyone one is a volunteerwhich enhances the positive experience that people have when they attend our events.

We have a well-established Winter Season, have successfully experimented with weekday evening events this summer and are embarking on our first PrixCaprilli event.

Please find below the times for Sunday 29th September:

You can pay by cash or paypal

1.        Cash: Can be handed directly to me at Dairyhouse Farm.

2.        Pay pal: Dairyhouse.dressage@yahoo.co.uk

*if your only option is to pay by cheque please contact me at dairyhouse.dressage@yahoo.co.uk

Important information:

• PLEASE arrive at the arena a few minutes before your test start time. If we are running late, we will endeavour to let you know. If we are running on time, then your late arrival will make everyone late. We are not always able to come and call you from the warm up arena.

• Test times will be published on www.walksitstay.co.uk

• Every attempt is made to accommodate requests for times if made in writing at time of entry.

• Please provide a large stamped SAE if you are unable to stay for your sheet/rosette.

• Trailers / lorries can be parked on the yard. Please follow the signs. Bring your own supply of water. Do not tie hay nets up outside boxes/trailers. Take your rubbish and muck with you.

• Complete dressage warm up in the front arena, as directed. Pick up your horse’s droppings!

• Please keep horses away from the test arena; if you wish to spectate, please refrain from talking while riders perform their tests.

• Dairyhouse Farm is a private livery yard. Please respect property and privacy.


• British Dressage Rules apply, although we are flexible regarding tack / assistance in the Intro class where the aim is to encourage you to participate, feel safe and have a positive experience.

• Please enter the class appropriate for your experience. The Intro class is for those either too inexperienced or nervous (horse or rider!) to work outside walk and trot; the Beginners’ class is for those horses or riders who have limited experience in the dressage discipline. They are not, and cannot be used as, warm up classes.

• The same horse / rider combination cannot enter Prelim or Novice if entering Beginners or Intro.

• The Elementary competition receives the fewest entries – it’s a small, friendly, competition so why not give it a go?

Neither Dairyhouse Farm nor any persons acting on their behalf accept liability for any accident, loss, damage, illness to horses, owners or riders, spectators or any person or animal whatsoever.

Please behave responsibly with and around horses whilst on the yard.

Please find below the overall results for the 2012/2013 winter dressage season.
A big thank you to all our competitors and volunteers.
I'd like to thank Lucy for all her hardwork and time spent over the years to organise the winter dressage competitions.

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Thank you to Sue at www.suewestwood-ruttledge.co.uk for providing me with some lovely pictures of her pets. I regularly look after Sue's pets when she is working or on holiday.