Cat and Small Pet Care

Cat Care
Cats can be notoriously independent, they like their route, home comforts and dislike change. These are some of the many reasons it can be better for your peace of mind, if your cat stayed at home in familiar surroundings while you are away on your holiday or work commitments.

Walk Sit Stay endeavor to take the difficulties of leaving your cat behind disappear, eliminating the dreaded journey to the cattery and letting you depart safe in the knowledge your cat will be looked after as previously discussed with us.

When you get in touch with Walk Sit Stay we will arrange a first meeting with you and your cat. This meeting is free of charge. We like to get to know you and understand your care requirements. We know each cat has their own character and personality unique to them as that’s what makes them individual. By letting us know your cats normal routine, likes and dislikes we will be able to provide a stress free environment in your absences. As standard we provide regular feeding and changing of water, cleaning of litter trays, abundances of play and fuss.

Walk Sit Stay will ensure you will return to your house to find it as you left it. While we are in your home we will also open and close curtains, switch lights on in the evening, remove post and newspapers from the door and water indoor plants again this is included in the standard cost. These parts of the service increase security at your property, although Walk Sit Stay should not be mistaken as security guards! But we do give the impression your house is being lived in when you are away.

Small Pet Care
Not forgetting other members of your family, Walk Sit Stay can care for your small pets while you are away on holiday, working or other commitments. We can arrange daily, or twice daily visits to feed, change water, top up bedding or clean out hutches/cages and play with your pets.

We can look after: Chipmunks, Chinchilla’s, caged birds, Fish, Gerbils, Guinea pigs, Hamsters, Mice, Rats, Rabbits and Reptiles…. If your pet is not on the list or you have something more exotic please contact Lisa at Walk Sit Stay as we love to help if we can.

 ***Fully Insured***

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Thank you to Sue at for providing me with some lovely pictures of her pets. I regularly look after Sue's pets when she is working or on holiday.