Dog Walking Services (Per Dog, Per Walk)

Standard Walk (50 Mins)


Shorter Walk (20 Mins)


One on one training and behaviour session


Home Visits - Prices

Cat / Dog / Small Pet


Home Visit (up to two pets)*


Additional Per Supplement (Per Pet/Cage)


* A home visit lasts for 20 minutes during which time your pets will be fed and fussed. Walk Sit Stay will also be happy to tend to any other household requirements such as picking up the post and watering plants etc. The standard house call fee covers up to two pets.

Home Sitting Service - Prices

Registration & Booking - Initial meeting with your sitter.


Home Sitting (per 24 hours per dog)


The price includes: three walks a day, meals given, water changed and lots of fuss!If required your home sitter can stay over night. This has the additional benefit of protecting against security risks, your pets can be kept in a similar routine and if your pets need attending to in the night there is someone on hand.

Additional Charges and Services (if applicable) Prices:

Additional Dog (Per Dog per Day)


- Discounts apply for more then 2 dogs per house hold and length of stay. This will be discussed in the initial meeting.

Additional Cats (Per Cat Per Day)


- Again discounts applicable

Additional Cages of small animals eg Rodents / Guinea Pigs / Rabbits / Birds


(Per cage per day, maximum 4 animals per cage) Service includes cleaning out cages to owners specification

Other Domestic Animals (not listed above)


Equine and Livestock Duties


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Thank you to Sue at for providing me with some lovely pictures of her pets. I regularly look after Sue's pets when she is working or on holiday.