Home and Pet Sitting

Appealing to a diverse range of people in a wide array of circumstances, Home and Pet Sitting is where Lisa moves into your house to stay when you move out to enjoy your holiday or have work commitments. Having Walk Sit Stay look after your house and care for your pets while you are away is very beneficial to your pets and to you. It is an extremely cost effective method for homes which have several different pets or have pets that couldn’t cope with being kennelled or put in a cattery. It also eliminates the anxiety and distress from your pets which can be caused by the journey to the kennels or being left in a strange environment. By staying in their normal surroundings and home comforts your pets will be relaxed with recognisable sounds and smells. With these reassuring elements your pets will soon accept Lisa coming into feed them, keep them clean and providing an abundance of fuss in your absence. This option can also bring peace of mind for you knowing that your pets will be happy being looked after and cared for in their own home and kept in the same routine as if you were there. Lisa will stay overnight and keep your pets company. She will also look after your home by removing post and newspapers, turning lights on and off, opening and closing curtains and watering house plants. Lisa will also be acting as a preventive against domestic burglary when your home would otherwise have been empty. Walk Sit Stay shouldn’t be mistaken for security guards! But we will administer all the normal security measures you would do yourself.

When you get in touch with Walk Sit Stay we will arrange a first meeting with you at your home. This meeting is free of charge. We like to get to know you and understand your care requirements. We know each pet will have its own personality and needs, by letting us know about each of your pets we will be able to understand and implement their daily routine. Walk Sit Stay will ask you to write down your pets’ likes and dislikes, personality quirks, exercise and dietary requirements and if there’s anything to look out for.

Walk Sit Stay will endeavour to take the difficulties of leaving your pets behind disappear, letting you leave safe in the knowledge your pets will be cared for as discussed. While you are away we can inform you via text message or telephone calls how your pets are doing and what they have been up to. When you return home you will find your house as you left it.
***Fully Insured***

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Thank you to Sue at www.suewestwood-ruttledge.co.uk for providing me with some lovely pictures of her pets. I regularly look after Sue's pets when she is working or on holiday.